The Senior/Adult Holiday luncheon was held at the Travelodge on Friday and 40-50 people socialized, sang and just enjoyed each other’s company. Attendees were from classes at the YMCA such as silver sneakers, senior swim, water aerobics, cycling, and barre class.

by Dave Warner

The YMCA held its annual Senior/Adult Holiday Luncheon at the Travelodge on Friday. According to Lisa Sarto, the event has been going on for more than 22 years.

She said, “All the seniors in programs that we offer at the YMCA get together and celebrate the holiday. Every year they come back for the pot roast.”

Sarto stated that her family really helps out. “My sister Barbie makes this special Slovanian halushka dish, my sister Amie makes the cookies, and my mom makes the cheesecakes. It’s like me giving back to them every year.”

“During the year, a lot of them lose their family members and it’s a way for us all to get together and relax and just socialize,” she said.