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Mon: 8 am – 5 pm

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Thu: 8 am – 5 pm

Fri: 8 am – 12 pm

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Mohawk Valley

(315) 866-6570

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83 E Main St, Mohawk, NY 13407

Mohawk Facility

  • ​Men’s and women’s locker rooms
  • Sauna, co-ed
  • Gymnasium *, racquetball
  • Weight room with multi-stations, universal, free weights, benches, cable & pulley machines
  • Nautilus center, exercise bikes, rowers, elliptical & treadmills, stair stepper, battle ropes
  • Yoga studios
  • Conference room/multi-purpose rooms *

*Conference rooms are available to rent for meetings. Please call the office for prices and availability.


Benton Hall (LF) PreK – full-day program, UPK wrap-around care:
M-F, 6 am – 6 pm – $180 per wk or $40 / day, UPK disc $160 / wk or $36 / day
3-year-old classes, Tues/Thurs, 8:30-11:00 am, $40 / wk

Benton Hall (LF) School Age, before and aftercare:
M-F, 6 am-8 am, $55 /wk, M-F, 2:30-6 pm, $80/ wk

Fisher Elementary School Age and UPK wrap-around before and aftercare:
M-F, 6 am-8 am $55/ wk, 3 pm – 6 pm $80/ wk


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Morning Conditioning

Morning Conditioning w/Aimee M, W, F 9 am.

$3/class. Full body workout for adults and seniors. Cardio, Strength training, Stretching, improving balance and strength w/use of weights and resistance bands. Floor work is included. Bring water!


Silver Sneakers w/ Aimee Tues &Thurs 10 am.

$3/class. Exercise program for seniors focusing on improving strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Bring water!


Yoga w/Lisa- Wednesday 6 pm. $10/class. Vinyasa flow uses stretching and core building to work into Yoga postures. All levels are welcome and will be accommodated.

Yoga w/Sherri- Sat 10 am. $10/class. Vinyasa Flow is suitable for all levels. Postures are linked together in a flow that combines strength and flexibility while toning the body and clearing the mind.

Other Classes

Meditation w/ Millie-Monday 6:30 pm. $8/ class. Bring a blanket and mat.

Kettlebell & Dumbbells Mon 6:30 pm
Jumpfit Thurs.5:30 pm
Bells and bands Thurs. 6:30 pm
HIIT circuits Sat 9:00 am
All Mel’s classes are $5/ class.
See ”Mel’s Kettlebell Fitbody” on facebook for updates, classes change monthly.

POUND w/ Laurie / Denise- Sat. 8 am, Wed/Fri 5 am, Tues 6 pm. $5/class. Channel your inner rock star with this full body cardio jam session.

Time for 2's/Time for 3's

A class for two and three-year-old children to socialize, play and learn. The class meets Mon & Wed from 10 am – 12 pm from Sept – June, registration is required $10. $8/class. Parents remain with their children for the duration of each class.

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