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Building Strong Communities

The Center is a 501C3 organization founded in 1883 on the premise that strong, healthy, and thriving communities don’t happen by accident. They grow and prosper through community partnerships, collaborations, and compassionate, like-minded volunteers committed to improving their citizens’ lives. For 140 years, the Center has been the ‘shelter in the storm’ for thousands of people seeking hope, friendship, health improvement, and healing.

The Youth and Family Center is a cause-driven organization that promotes youth & family development, healthy lifestyles, and social responsibility. We believe everyone has value and deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

The Center’s community-focused programs connect people of all ages and backgrounds to bridge the gaps in state and national programs with a micro-local perspective. The result is a lasting and meaningful change for our neighbors and community.

“A Culture of Inclusion – Where Everyone is Welcome.”

Feeling that you belong is, not only a wonderful feeling, it’s as basic to our human makeup as the need for food and shelter.

The Center was founded within a culture of inclusion, where every person…no matter their income, age or socio-economic background.. is valued and respected within a safe and open environment that promotes fairness, empowerment and growth.

Youth Development

We believe that values and skills learned early, can be essential building blocks for a happy, productive life. Creating a safe environment for youth to explore their interests and talents, while teaching them core values and positive behaviors create a foundation for life; giving children the confidence to pursue their dreams and become engaged adults living up to their full potential.

The Center has numerous programs for youth including swimming, soccer, basketball, tutoring, after-school fitness and summer camps. Many of these programs are free or at substantially reduced fees, making them accessible to all who are interested. For more information about the Center’s Youth Programs, contact us today.

Healthy Living
Healthy living is about self-care. Achieving self-care is about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind, and body. Taking care of yourself is often one of the most important things you can do in terms of long-term health and vitality.

Self-care is our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Modern-day stressors contribute to numerous health issues including weight gain, migraines, fatigue, insomnia and lowered immune function, to name a few. Left unaddressed these issues can lead to an increased risk of heart attacks and certain types of cancers.

The key to managing stress. You guessed it…is diet, exercise, and relaxation. The Center can introduce you to a plethora of health and fitness programs that can literally change your life, with professional trainers and instructors that will identify the perfect programs for your interests and your health goals. Don’t let another day go by, contact us today and let our team of professionals put together a healthy living program that is fun and effective.

Social Responsibility

The Center works day in and day out to make sure every child, family, and individual has what they need to thrive and achieve their full potential.

We have witnessed the power of working collaboratively over the years with partners and volunteers facilitating programs like childcare, tutoring, after-school youth activities, the food bank, and emergency shelter. The benefit extends beyond the individual in need. The benefit is often seen in the faces of the volunteers and the strength and vibrancy of the community itself.

To join us as a volunteer or to find out more information about any of our programs, contact Michele at the Little Falls facility.

A Lifetime of Fitness

Once you join the Center, you’re part of the family

Membership to The Center is unlike most workout facilities. For many people, their first exposure to The Center begins as a child with the free, after school youth fitness programs. From there it continues through the young adult and mid-life years with programs for staying fit and healthy, programs for families and volunteering to help with The Center’s many social programs. And, then it’s the golden years with classes like SilverSneakers, senior swimming and yoga classes, etc., that keep seniors active and engaged.

For most fitness facilities, the lifespan of a typical member is 3 years. In fact, stats indicate that 63% of memberships go unused. So, what makes The Center so different?

Many would tell you it’s the affordability, making it possible to budget through life’s ups and downs. For others, it’s the variety of classes, family programs, and the exceptionally friendly staff. Others may tell you it’s the facility with an indoor swimming pool, racketball, and basketball courts. Whatever the reason…there is always one comment that comes up time and again… no matter who you talk to. It’s the “sense of belonging.” Once you join, you’re part of the family.

“I really like it because it’s so convenient for me. It’s a 45-second drive from my house. I get there, the memberships are extremely affordable…half the cost of the other gyms. For the most part, you have more here than you do at those facilities.”

Brandon Mosher

“Growing up, I was incredibly shy. Becoming a member of The Center’s swim team was a turning point for me. It gave me the confidence and the skills to compete fairly and honestly, which served me well later in life as an executive and entrepreneur.”

Deborah Kaufman

“I’ve been coming to The Center for more than fifty years. I’m 84 now, and I believe in keeping healthy. How do you do that? By exercising, eating right, and having your mind stimulated. You have to exercise your body and your mind, and that is easy to do here.”

Oscar Stivala

For 137 years, The Center has been developing micro-local, community-based programs to support low-income families and those in need of emergency shelter, food, clothing or simply a listening friend in a time of need. This legacy of support is rooted in the belief that neighbors helping neighbors can make a visible impact for all citizens within a community.

To learn more about a few of The Center’s community programs, click the links below.

Food Pantry

The Center’s Food Pantry assists Little Falls individuals and families who are in need of food. The pantry distributes holiday baskets on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The food-sense cooperative buying program allows participants to nearly double their food-buying power. Food pantry services are run by volunteers from the local community and churches. Contact Susan Tucker at the Little Falls Community Center at 45 Furnace St. at 315-823-1793 or the Little Falls Y at 315-823-1740.

Community Garden

A Garden where you can help make a difference. Help by growing fresh vegetables to benefit the Food Pantry and also have an opportunity to learn about gardening. For more information or to volunteer please contact Chris Van Meter at 315-717-8299 or The Youth and Family Center at 315-823-1740.

Housing & Emergency Shelter

Rooms and apartments for male, female and family tenants available by the night the week & month at The Youth and Family Center. Contact Anthony DeLuca at 315-823-1740.

Community Meeting Facilities

The Center offers classrooms, offices, and facilities provided for your group or agency’s special needs. Gym rentals & splash parties can be arranged. We offer childcare, community outreach programs, and Head Start. Call 315-823-1740.

Community Senior Center

Located at 524 E Main St., the facility has meeting space available for your individual or agency’s special needs. Call 315-823-1740 to check the program listings.

Outsiders Outdoor Club

The Outsiders Youth Group was formed on Facebook and is designed to highlight outdoor activities and fitness for children. The group gets together a couple of times per month for outdoor activity and play. Activities include group bicycle rides in the park and on the bike path, the fitness trail at Moreland Park, group runs, kickball, hiking, kayaking and more. Find the group on Facebook at Outsiders-LFYMCA. The site will be used for useful links, events, and discussion. Call Marc Verri at 315-723-9379 for details.



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