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Whether you’re looking for an independent workout or a chance to meet new friends through our popular workout classes, The Center’s top-notch instructors and expansive facility offer almost limitless possibilities.

Together We’re Making a Difference

Your workout dollars go so much farther when you join the Center. Great equipment, great classes, top-notch instructors and trainers, swimming, racketball and basketball are just the beginning.

You become part of a rich heritage of members that believe in, not only the health and well being of the individual, but also that of their neighbors who learn and thrive through The Center’s sponsored programs including: the Food Bank, After School Youth Programs, Childcare Program in partnership with Benton Hall, Connect Through Music Series of free concerts, and the Summer Camps program. Your annual membership dues along with generous donations from local benefactors make a huge difference in the quality of life for so many of our neighbors that live at or below the poverty line.

Since 1883, the organization’s mission is to invest in a strong, thriving Little Falls community with specifically-targeted programs for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Take your fitness dollars to the next level and join us in creating the next chapter. Call (315) 823-1740 or stop by today for a guided tour of our facilities at 15 Jackson Street in Little Falls.

Featured Programs

Regarding value, The Center is unmatched in terms of facility, variety, and the number of programs. It is also the longest-running health and fitness organization in the area, with 140 years of experience working with youth, families, and corporations to reach their wellness goals regardless of their ability to pay.

Personal Training

Whether you’re new to exercise or looking to take your fitness to the next level.  Our Certified Personal Trainers review goals and develop a customized program that meets your needs.  Your trainer will guide you through each exercise offering feedback, motivation, and accountability.

Weight Loss

The right diet and nutrition programs are the building blocks to effective weight loss, as is the proper workout balance. Too often people look only to cardio workouts when a combination of weight training and cardio deliver the ultimate results.

Splash Party

Thinking of a fun environment for your child’s next birthday party? Why not take them swimming? Even in the dead of winter, there’s nothing kids like better than a splash party at The Center. Call The Center today at 315-823-1740 to book yours now!


“Growing up, I was incredibly shy. Becoming a member of The Center’s swim team was a turning point for me. It gave me the confidence and the skills to compete fairly and honestly, which served me well later in life as an executive and entrepreneur.”
Deborah Kaufman

“I’ve been coming to The Center for more than fifty years. I’m 84 now, and I believe in keeping healthy. How do you do that? By exercising, eating right, and having your mind stimulated. You have to exercise your body and your mind.”

Oscar Stivala



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